THE ONE MAN BAND – sometimes 2 hands just don’t stretch


I was explaining to a new collaborator the other day the positive benefits that can be brought to not only features but also news coverage whilst working as a one man band/vj – the synergy that you can bring to a story in ensuring that your visuals communicate in the most illustrative and colourful way the editorial storyline as you see it. In circumstances where you work as a team, sometimes this level of visual and editorial harmony can be very hard to produce. However, on the other side in circumstances of breaking news or the coverage of political events, sometimes two hands just don’t stretch to the needs. In the coverage above (as per picture [zoom]) of this story you can see that I really had to battle to ensure as well as having  good framing I didn’t miss good audio quality of the vital soundbite from the statement made by the Dad of the detained Argentine activist. As I bowed with camera in one hand and stretched with microphone in the other a cameraman from one of the very competitive and assertive local media asked to brush my hair to keep it out of his shot while another screamed at me that if I moved an inch I would get a boom mic stuck in my skull.

I am all the time trying to come with creative and simple solutions that make live easier and material better from such circumstances…so any thoughts pls post them here