Recently I did two feature stories that somehow touched on the parallel theme: of human beings destructive trajectory with the environment. The angle and production of both stories could not have been more different.

One was an AP multi department story that was months in the planning, had the hand of dozens of people involved in the final output and touched on big business and government interests.

The second story I filmed, edited and wrote in 3 hours and it pretty much centred on a Johnny Depp lookalike performing an unseemly act with a plant. In the backstory I have code named the piece ‘Wood-lock’.

Which one of the two do you think had most diffusion with international broadcasters???? Yes, thats right… the man that married the tree!!


The theatrical show caught the worlds eye and in its own quirky way might just have accomplished the goal of Richard Torres in drawing attention to a global plight.


The second story told through the eyes of former farm labourer in Argentina’s agricultural belt and his devastating history with agrochemiclas. The premise of Fablan’s account was the basis for a very detailed report on the side effects of Argentina’s unhealthy relationship with biotechnology. This story got a fraction of the play out of ‘wood-lock’