Brazil Protests coverage – week 2

A few images from my second week of coverage from Sao Paulo of the ongoing social uprising in BrazilImageImageImageImage



Now that I am currently ‘on location’ in Brazil, helping out with the coverage of the ongoing public protests, I am rediscovering what it is to work in a language that you can’t fully communicate in. You might think it’s a big disadvantage but sometimes the ‘foreign factor’ of speaking to people as a full on gringo, imposing on them to understand your English scattered with a few words in the local lingo is somehow like a key…people get what you want to know and the surprising result is that it disarms them, they open to you in ways that they might not if you were a local journalist or even a national working for a foreign media. In a region where the profession of journalism is for the most part despised you learn all the time more you got to make the most of ‘whatever helps’!

Brazil protests coverage

Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 1.38.25 AM Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 1.40.04 AM Brazil Protests Sao Paulo day 2

Was jetissoned to Sao Paulo on Wednesday to help with the coverage of recent protests sparked off the back of growing social discord in Latin America’s largest country.

These screen grabs are from thursday night, showing a clash as large number of protestors objected to the participation of a socialist party in the demonstrations…the protests in Sao Paulo though were mainly peaceful

Interviewing Control

Yesterday I had to interview a holocaust survivor for an investigative piece I am working on about the Nazi foothold in Argentina in the 1930’s. Sometimes in interviews it is very difficult to know when and where you have to be assertive in directiong, while letting the interviewee communicate with you but making sure you have them addressing the particular point that you need them to address for your story….this was such a case.

At the end of the interview, we chatted and after she told me about the horrors she visits nightly in her dreams…she asked me how do I manage to sleep with all the stories I witness or get recounted to me….Eugenia Unger